5. Feb, 2021


on these blogs I will give you hints and tips to help those who find it hard 2 paint pictures all these pictures use Procreate app 2 prepare them all the subjects I paint and draw as well as mediums will b covered in time this is a simple cottage I have use the abb pencil it has many many combinations and function and great fun a mirical of technology easy 2 use please remember we shall use three distances the distance. Middle distance and foreground simply the further away an object is the fainter.it is colours fade till only blue remains the nearer it gets the sharper and stronger in opacity ,strength thickness of paint. Colours brighter contain more red,and appear bigger therefore a tall foxglove right in the foreground can look bigger than a tree in the distance pls forget fear have a go it's only fun a bit of paper or the delete button back soon Mike.