31. Jan, 2021


now I have created a page 4 you to learn a little I will try working here this will be my studio,the cottage displayed is 4 those who like me prefer solitude no cars no traffic have a try at painting this world of escape I will then help you 2 create a nature sketchbook in tradition and digital methods I will show you how 2 paint in the warm when it is cold out side as painting water freezes     and tablet soon run out of power hands r to cold to work let's set op our easel or tablet on our knee beside a warm fire we have mint hanging from our oak beams 2 produce a pleasant Odour which like me has been grown in our own garden you will in time be able to work from pictures taken with your  iPad or here with me in my own studio , I used to live like this I had a cabin with s stone barn as a studio at the bottom of a one acre field where I gew my own food,I have tought some very clever people in my time had three studios in Derbyshire