19. Feb, 2021

spending A great deal of time riding around the mentioned and getting very close to the buzzard u see what a beautiful bird it is gave. Me an idea for this little paint me it should not b to hard give it a try anyway back soon to help Mike One way to paint this is the old gouache method where you paint in the background then draw the buzzard then paint the drawing in white add details paint the colours in traditional painting on paper etc an object can then be lifted from the the background by th the thickness of each layer of gouache allow the layers to dry  before adding another   In digital layers can be used to the same effect without waiting 4 the  paint 2dry.





6. Feb, 2021

Like this are very good practice can be done on both mediums,this refers 2 DIGITAL+traditional paper or canvas as I learn more about digital you will find my notes here and will refer 2 the Procreate app enjoy your world of art mike

5. Feb, 2021

on these blogs I will give you hints and tips to help those who find it hard 2 paint pictures all these pictures use Procreate app 2 prepare them all the subjects I paint and draw as well as mediums will b covered in time this is a simple cottage I have use the abb pencil it has many many combinations and function and great fun a mirical of technology easy 2 use please remember we shall use three distances the distance. Middle distance and foreground simply the further away an object is the is colours fade till only blue remains the nearer it gets the sharper and stronger in opacity ,strength thickness of paint. Colours brighter contain more red,and appear bigger therefore a tall foxglove right in the foreground can look bigger than a tree in the distance pls forget fear have a go it's only fun a bit of paper or the delete button back soon Mike.

1. Feb, 2021

This is just a test I can do much better than this for you I’m new 2 this tablet and it takes time 2 learn please call back as I will change these magic little vids as I get better Procreate apple I pad technical inking pencil with opacity turned down,I will sleep much better tonight by Mike

31. Jan, 2021

now I have created a page 4 you to learn a little I will try working here this will be my studio,the cottage displayed is 4 those who like me prefer solitude no cars no traffic have a try at painting this world of escape I will then help you 2 create a nature sketchbook in tradition and digital methods I will show you how 2 paint in the warm when it is cold out side as painting water freezes     and tablet soon run out of power hands r to cold to work let's set op our easel or tablet on our knee beside a warm fire we have mint hanging from our oak beams 2 produce a pleasant Odour which like me has been grown in our own garden you will in time be able to work from pictures taken with your  iPad or here with me in my own studio , I used to live like this I had a cabin with s stone barn as a studio at the bottom of a one acre field where I gew my own food,I have tought some very clever people in my time had three studios in Derbyshire