PLS LEAVE YOUR TROUBLES AND JOIN DUKE AND I IN  THE WORLD OF MOTHER NATURE,....based on    The old PICCITTY witch song same old feeling this will be a place you can come to learn 2 paint sketch and draw in both traditional and digital media please enjoy, THE FOLLOWING WORK is dedicated to that young singer who sadly died in her 20s from a virus it is also dedicated to all those throughout the world who have had a tragic time with this pandemic,may this work bring a little peace, my family and grandchildren thankyou,grandad and duke..........THIS IS HOW IT WILL WORK should u wish it I have produced a number of drawings and paintings 4 u to choose from to draw and paint your studio in the countryside,once done u will be able to go there into your created studio,for a day or two you will have an acre of land a small stream and pond trees garden where u will be able to venture out with your I pad sketch book and paints I will teach you in notes and pictures to do this it will take me the rest of my life  I have been a painter 4 many years i have many problems to overcome,with pictures first I will show you how to draw your studio but pls understand three computers have been ruined and work has been lost so I have to do it all again on this new I pad,as I dare not risk plugging in devices, as these computers have been corrupted each picture has to be drawn painted again for you,but I am dedicated to my task it is a legacy for my grandchildren. And I will not be stopped by trolls,I will now draw the studios and teach u to do the same  please check my progress,Mike if you get one seconds pleasure from my work pls put. 5op in any cancer box