IT IS with great pride and pleasure i bow my head to two members of my family,and end 2019,ELLIE and RICHARD,YOU R A SHINNING EXAMPLE to our young,you have both worked so hard to get where you R...ELLIE,  LLB,HONORS LAW DEGREE,,,,2,POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE,....3 MASTERS IN LAW....4..TRAINEE SOLICITOR OF THE YEAR,2018.......RICHARD BSC,BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GAMES DESIGHN...WITH YOUR BROTHER MICHAEL,BSC.and your university team came second in all uk universities video competition,UK,YOU LEAVE A VERY proud DAD,with tears in his eyes,...and a credit to the arts in these pages,as well as an inspIration to our YOUNG,WELL DONE,DAD..IM PROUD OF MY FAMILY.