IN THIS HARD sad time we intend to to bring you some new beauty and show what can be achieved by a positive mental attitude with just a few feet of ground and a little hard work pls,enjoy,mike and duke.EVER YEAR from my market garden to here i grow a selection of plants for the insects,animals,that creep and hide lurk.these include foxgloves shasta daisies ester ried lobelia,wallflower,creating places for them to creep into, and walls 2 hide behind A VERY GOODNIGHT ALL IM TIRED,MIKE.TO GET me through the long days instead of being out on my bike i am starting a new project to help myself and family with the stress to come wich will match BORISIS, WISHES,i intend to gro fresh salad and veg as i lived on the derbyshire moors 4 ten yrs i know a few,tricks,2 defeat trips to shops,the old adage dig 4 victory,this time its a virus ,using leds 2 start early plants,and batteries,crushed stone instead of soil or peat,im already using my tea bags twice,often we were snowed in growing our own food  ex the hunter is hunted ermine and the fox, i painted this scene 30 yrds from my cabin...,I WILL OF COURSE grow all the salad i CAN 4 myself and family, for it is my believe food will become short i will show u in pictures how to make a simple probagator for early seeds,and small plant lights using leds and bread boards,4 an early start,but first i need to rebuild my glass house,if you r looking for a superb little greenhouse you will not beat the THE RINKIT TUNNEL,as you see on the page,,i have rebuilt my glasshouse and will procede with low cost ways to produce food,i will start with a simple efficient probagator for these cold days as seed is expensive and cant b wasted,cu,ROBIN,a face at the gate brought me good news wed,more later, NOW after the rain ,here comes the son,i must get up and work,MUST GROW NOW no time for gossip or talk,WORK..I HOPE 2 GET BACK TO YOU SOON MIKE MICROSOFT WINDOWS REMOVED FROM THIS COMPUTER NOT FIT 4 SERVICE, IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST COMPLAINT TO INT POLICE AND OFCOM ,BORIS,LEARNING NEW SYSTEM AND PROGRAMS stay safe god bless MIKEDUKIEXX