IN THIS HARD sad time we intend to to bring you some new beauty and show what can be achieved by a positive mental attitude with just a few feet of ground and a little hard work pls,enjoy,mike and duke.EVER YEAR from my market garden to here i grow a selection of plants for the insects,animals,that creep and hide lurk.these include foxgloves shasta daisies ester ried lobelia,wallflower,creating places for them to creep into, and walls 2 hide behind A VERY GOODNIGHT ALL IM TIRED,MIKE.TO GET me through the long days instead of being out on my bike i am starting a new project to help myself and family with the stress to come wich will match BORISIS, WISHES,i intend to gro fresh salad and veg as i lived on the derbyshire moors 4 ten yrs i know a few,tricks,2 defeat trips to shops,the old adage dig 4 victory,this time its a virus ,using leds 2 start early plants,and batteries,crushed stone instead of soil or peat,im already using my tea bags twice,often we were snowed in growing our own food  ex the hunter is hunted ermine and the fox, i painted this scene 30 yrds from my cabin...,I WILL OF COURSE grow all the salad i CAN 4 myself and family, for it is my believe food will become short i will show u in pictures how to make a simple probagator for early seeds,and small plant lights using leds and bread boards,4 an early start,but first i need to rebuild my glass house,if you r looking for a superb little greenhouse you will not beat the THE RINKIT TUNNEL,as you see on the page,,i have rebuilt my glasshouse and will procede with low cost ways to produce food,i will start with a simple efficient probagator for these cold days as seed is expensive and cant b wasted,cu,ROBIN,a face at the gate brought me good news wed,more later, NOW after the rain ,here comes the son,i must get up and work,MUST GROW NOW no time for gossip or talk, eat the food thats good 4 u and like,by 4 now mike im sorry 4 the delay i have had to alter my cameras as small items r gowing missing from my garden,i will resume as soon as possible,ONCE AGAIN we face delay as superglue is being used to stop my locks working,criminal damage,i freed my doors using paraffin and light oil,barrier hand cream stops sg,from setting by excluding the moisture to it i have got evidence that others r being affected by this mind altered problem,several enjoyment days have been lost this week,fitting new anti jam cameras from SWAN,THE OUTBACK BEING ONE OF THE BEST,when i catch the culprits,evidence will be forwarded to CHEST POLICE without delay,see picture,pls support us we are being threatened,....RF UNDERGROUND,mj,newall. PLS NOTE watercress is good for you it contains multi vitamins,using my little stream u c in the picture i shall start a watercress bed in an old leaky pond,i will of course publish how 2 do it,mike...i have been took up with so many jobs just lately that i have not been able to write and progress with page,however i shall overcome this by including winter food production hints,tips,and inventions,this page is growing slowly,i have just invented a simple cheap method to produce beautiful home made bread,an aid to getting the bread to rise,i shall of course charge 50p inany cancer reasearch,hospice box for these ideas stay save mike dukie.RINKIT TUNNEL TIP,if you go in early it is possible to pick any slugs as they cling to side 2 get ot your leafs,then u can through them away instead of killing them,