27. Jan, 2021


RED PEN PICCITTY WITCH,2 HELP THOSE INTERESTED IN LEARNING SIMPLE.ART TUITION AND TO TRY TO TAKE YOUR MIND OF THE COVID CRISIS WHICH HAS DEVASTATED THE WORLD ,FIRST I MUST THANK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THE FOLLOWING,APPLE COMPUTERS,PROCREATE,UMA KELKA,SIMPLE SITE MY THREE INT,MALWARE BITES,WHO HAVE STOOD BY ME,SO MUCH SO THEY ARE CHANGING MY LIFE 4 THE BETTER NOW YOU ALL WILL RECEIVE THE BENIFIT,2 HELP U FACE COVID IN 2021,BY an idea I had for use of voluntary attention, study to transfer the mind away from the COVID,I would like u to join me to create your own art studio in the peace of the countryside with my lives work and love Mother Nature and her animals which so many have tried to destroy, dukie and I will show you how to find a world of peace which no one can enter unless u wish it this would not be possible if it were not 4 the mentioned six months I have not been able to get on the internet I would also like to thank my MP LR,,FOR his kind concern in his trying time,from now on my only concern is helping u at no cost to create through art and nature a better world, your only cost is pls support the mentioned and cancer research doctor chantry with his devoted work,MJN, now 2 work,first I must create a new page to display the work I have had to re do over the last six months we will call it the PICCITTY witch studio,4 traditional and digital art ,I have a new email which is the first to work right 4 10 yrs, PAINTERMAN5@icloud.com. I will be pleased to help till then god bless stay safe ,......MY DEEPEST THANKS TO MY FAMILY 4 HELPING ME TO CARRY ON IN THIS HEARTBREAKING TIME.GRANDAD....DUKIE.....PAINTERMAN5@icloud.com.