17. Jun, 2020

choose a category

HOW WOULD IT WORK THEN,first choose a catogory of the blog page then the medium you would like to work with then contact me online at my contact points,use you first name or nicname give me some idea what material you would like ti use,drawing,photo ect then the rest will be up to me i will then teach you all i know on the subject,here i would like to make it clear the object is fun,this will be your first lesson ability does not matter to me you can be taught to a cirtain level,but talent is not teachable that is born in the painter,if you cant paint thin lines paint thick uns,simple colours to start with and a simple system i can help here,your main problem will be fear so take your first sheet of paper and destroy the fear,scible on it,tear it up,get rid of that fear,then we can work simple at first see the funny side we all still have i hope you will give it a try contact me pls,o bye the way dont forget to put 50p in any cancer,hospice,nhs box mike..