HERE FAMILY MEMBER ELLIE,AND HER YOUNG LAYER FRIENDS HAND OVER A CHEQUE TO SHEFFIELD HOSPITALS CHARITY,WELL DONE ALL.IM PROUD OF MY FAMILY. .....NEWS,ELLIE AND HER YOUNG LAYERS HAVE JUST RAISED 1800 POUND FOR THE FOR MENTIONED WELL DONE ALL....PLEASE NOTE,NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS on this website 4 my work,DUKE AND I TRUST THE KINDNESS IN PEOPLES HEARTS,TO HELP OTHERS WITH A SMALL DONATION 4 0UR LIFETIMES WORK,STUDY IN NATURE,AND THE GOOD THAT IS IN CARING PEOPLE,GOD BLESS,STAY SAFE,BELIEVE,MOTHER NATURE CARES.MIKE.AND THANKYOU....THE NEWALL FAMILY OF NURSES MANAGER ARTISTS AND 4 GRANDCHILDREN OUR HEARTFELT THANKS  NHS KEYS ALL INVOLVED IN POSITIVE VIRUS WORK...MIKE DUKIE.       in loving memory of my brother derrick, la/d newall sailor to the queen of England fleet air air arm rn who worked as rigger on the naval version of this aircraft the sea fury, he gave 30 yrs service to queen and country ,ark royal,illustrious  eagle   active member of the royal British legion.rest in peace sailor your sadly missed mike  I'm so proud of my family.