24. Aug, 2019


WORK that you can use for your interests,by making a small donation to sheffield hospitals charity or any cancer research,or hospice box...THE CAMERA I HAVE DESIGHNED,over many months is not a true macro camara,for several reasons the images are not sharp and lack certain detail,but to the painter this does not mater as to much detail spoils a painting,it is the impression  i am after,with macro it is only the image that is sharp  and possibly 4,000 pound dearer but with my elastic band camera the background remains paintable it has the pastel effect,i have added such an image in the photo,it has took me hrs and hrs,of work not sure anybody will be interested,but the page views will tell me,I MUST ADD HERE i am not a wildlife expert as such though i have dedicated my life to MOTHER NATURE,so the user will have to identify the insect species,when you begin to know the problems i have u will c how hard it is 4 me,getting near enough is one problem as no zoom is used this is a video camara,the actual lens is only about an inch wide,i have 10 xx mag,15mag,xx 20 mag and i am 25xxmag,sometimes the camara touches them thats a bit dicy when taking pictures of wasps,they land on me and all sorts,i have to remember not 2 brush them of the viewer cant be seen in daylight therefore the focus is hit and miss it is this that takes the time going through each frame at a time,many of the pictures the insects are in flight,and try that,the pictures have a cirtain charm 4 me,so i very much hope u will support me,the images are not enlarged and r straight from the camara,this blog is an explanation and the pictures will appear in painted camara ,no particular order or text,but i will try to show ,wings eyes some that look at you,legs joints,antenna and anything else i can capture,pls keep visiting this helps me keep going,yours mike duke and the insects,that are a credit 2 MOTHER NATURE.AND ARE ALL AROUND US CREEPING AND WATCHING,BEWARE MIKE...AND DUKE..